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Top Ten A Song of Ice and Fire Villains - #9 


Over the course of writing this list I’ve realised that I probably should have specified that this is mytop ten villains. You are bound to have issues with it, but I’m looking for a cross section of all different kinds of evil and all different kinds of guys. So with that said, here comes a guy who’s all kinds of different, and not in a good way.

#9 - Craster


There’s all kinds of evil in the world, there’s the kind that’s in your face and on the news, terrorism, mass shootings, dictators - and then there’s the other kind. The kind of evil that just sits there, largely unacknowledged by the general public, the Lynchian evil beneath the surface of an apparent civilisation. Craster is that latter kind of evil.

Craster is not stupid, he’s carved himself out a nice little position between the Wildlings and the Wall (geographically as well as allegiance wise). This position allows him a certain degree of security, and it’s an alliance of necessity for the Night’s Watch. But there’s something else that gives Craster his security and it’s grisly.

Craster has sex with his own children. All of them, well the female ones anyway. And if these women give birth to baby girls, he’ll be sleeping with them sooner or later too. It’s generations of incest and rape. If they give birth to baby boys though… then these children are offered up to the Others, in exchange for Craster being left alone by them.

It’s unknown just what happens to these kids. It’s clear that the Others are getting them though because Craster and his keep (and his wives) are untouched by White Walkers. 

I had another guy in Craster’s spot here, but between that other guy having done a couple things that are, arguably, nice things - and the fact that Craster has removed any sense of freedom from his wives/daughters and the fact that he’s giving up his sons to monstrous sentient ice blocks, I gave Craster the nod.

Worst moment: His entire life.

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Top Ten A Song of Ice and Fire Villains - #10 Viserys Targaryen


So I’ve decided to do a top ten about ASoIaF’s villains. Owing to the nature of the series, it’s sometimes hard to call someone an outright “villain” but I’m going to anyway because I like to live on the edge. They at least need to be an antagonistic force in the series, opposing our equally grey and murky “heroes”

Spoilers follow.

#10 - Viserys Targaryen


Viserys has been gone for so long now I sometimes forget about him. Right from the outset he represents the other side of the House Targaryen, the side King Robert and Ned Stark fought against. Paranoid, short tempered and cruel, when we’re first introduced to Viserys we learn he’s the kind of guy who likes to twist the nipples of his 13 year old sister, and then he sells her to a brutal band of Mongols in order to get himself back on the throne he believes is rightfully his. 

Much like his utterly insane father though, it seems like Viserys wasn’t always a massive dickhead. Dany has some fond memories of him as a child, but years and years of wandering Essos, avoiding Robert’s assassins and being bled dry by the citizens of the Free Cities turned Viserys into a silver-haired ball of indignation. Mocked across eastern Essos as the “Beggar King” he never got the respect he thought he was deserved, and perhaps more importantly (to him anyway), he never got the subservience he thought he was due. Looking down your nose at the entirety of humanity is not a quality one looks for in a King, even though it is far too common.

This all ultimately comes back to bite the 23 year old right in the ass. As he watches Dany grow in both confidence, and (perhaps more importantly to him) respect amoung the Dothraki, all Viserys can do is sit there, seething with rage. He watches the little girl, his sister, whom we learn later he planned to rape the night before she was to be given to Drogo, surpass him in virtually every respect. And Viserys can’t abide that at all. Dany is his, his property to do with what he wants, after all he is the “King” in his mind.Then Dany gets pregnant and he threatens the child of Khal. What follows is, to this day, the most amazing death scene of the series. Drogo gives the Beggar King his crown, a molten gold one, and the second-to-last Targaryen dies an excruciating death.

Worst Moment: Attempting to rape his own sister.

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I decided to start a seperate blog for my ASoIaF stuff. So everyone check out the Kingsmoot blog.

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